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Tasty diet with umeken

There is a saying, ‘In order to live and eat.’ If we digest these words, we reach the conclusion that our life’s goal is actually eating. Is there something more important than eating? We eat for health and eat for energy and eat for joy. But there are those who refuse all sorts of delicacies. They are women who spend the half of their lives on diet. What they fi rst of all most choose as diet method is ‘starvation.’ But recklessly starving to lose weight brings a yo-yo phenomenon and can harm your health.

One college student said powerfully, “Losing weight requires skill” as she recently succeeded with weight reduction. Since after 2013, food industry has been showcasing more diverse products for weight control. This supports the fact that the volume of diet products sale has increased about 5 times in the last 3 years. Diet limits food in order to reduce weight. But there are some who commonly believe that dieting means starving. If we starve, how many days can we starve? One of the causes for failing in diet is to take this ‘extreme’approach.

To lose weight, one can suddenly overexert in exercises that one usually did not do or almost starve oneself and then in a matter of days, there are instances of ‘Ah, rather than live like this, I will just eat’ and give up and mentally quits. If we overexert in exercises and not eat, no one can last. As it was mentioned above, diet is limiting food and ‘eating’ by portion control, not ‘starving.’

Umeken Tri-M Weight Management Kit originated from the concept of “Losing Weight the Healthy Way” with the help of specially formulated supplements and easy-to-make delicious meals.
More people are increasingly deciding to go on a weight loss program for the New Year. Many make such a commitment but success is hard to fi nd. Exercise, proper eating all seem easy on paper, but many fi nd it diffi cult to put into motion. For such people, we want to introduce a easy and delicious way to lose weight.

Umeken Tri-M Weight Management Kit contains 5 special products that help you to manage your weight the healthy way. The kit comes with a Diet Plan Cookbook with over 20 different delicious, easyto-make meals. The low-fat, low-calorie meals, along with the 5 supplements in Tri-M help you to meet with your New Year’s Resolution.
Just 3 weeks with Umeken Tri-M
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Umeken Tri-M is recommended for : Maintaining healthy immune system Improving the body condition Balanced, nutritional diet
Keep the whole family healthy and slim with Umeken Tri-M!
1. Vita Green Mix Powder
- Contains 48 types of fermented grains, fruits, and vegetables
- Spirulina powder added
- 14 kinds of vegetable mix powder
- 16 kinds of fruit mixed powder

· Drink the Vita Green Mix as a meal replacement for 1 meal a day
· Mix 2 scoops with 7 oz of water, milk, or juice.
2. Meta Plum
1. 21 types of fermented vegetables and mushroom extract
2. Plum extract
3. Galacto-oligosaccharide

· Take 1 pouch in the morning on an empty stomach.
· The Meta Plum serves as “prebiotics” that act as catalyst for the probiotics in your intestines.
3. Hyper M
· 3 main functions
1. Appetite suppressant – with Yeast peptide
2. Speedy metabolism – with Garcinia fruit extract
3. Fat burning – with green coffee extract, green tea powder, and chitosan

· Take 3 tablets any time during the day.
4. Every Meal
The ingredients in Every Meal helps block the fat and sugar from the food being absorbed into the body.

· Take 4 tablets after each meal of solid food.
5. Probiotics
2 types of probiotics are included for regular bowel movement and immune system

· Take 6 tablets being going to bed
Umeken Tri-M Daily Diet Plan
1. Take 1 packet of META PLUM on an empty stomach.
2. As a breakfast, drink 1 glass of VITA GREEN MIX with 7 oz of water, milk, or juice*
3. Take 6 tablets of HYPER M 2 hours after breakfast
1. Enjoy a delicious meal found in DIET PLAN COOKBOOK for lunch
2. Take 4 tablets of EVERY MEAL after eating
1. Enjoy a delicious meal found in DIET PLAN COOKBOOK for dinner
2. Take 4 tablets of EVERY MEAL after eating
3. Take 6 tablets of PROBIOTICS before going to bed
Tasty Diet Cookbook

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When dieting, doe one only need to eat chicken breasts and tasteless vegetables? Please forsake the fi xed concept that one has to be always hungry and has to eat tasteless food to lose weight! [Diet Plan Cookbook] is a book that tells us how to eat full, eat tastefully and yet lose weight. Calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be lowered and dishes of main 3 nutrients (carbohydrates, fat, protein) of balance of appropriateness are also introduced. This is a book that needs to be focused by those who had undergone nutritional imbalance, yo-yo phenomenon, muscular reduction due to diet that only leans toward one nutrient or unconditionally starves oneself.