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Wrong folklore about breast-feeding

1. Breast-feeding mother must pay a lot more attention to eating

Breast-feeding mothers need to have balanced meals, but they do not need to eat something more special or eat certain food more. Breast-feeding mothers do not need to drink milk in order to make sure that breast milk is well created. Breast-feeding mothers or nurses simply need to have normally balanced meals.

2. Breast-feeding mother must eat more in order to have plenty of breast milk.

Even a woman who has low-calorie meals would be able to produce enough breast milk unless her calorie consumption is not extremely low for a long term. Breast-feeding mothers or nurses are known to have to eat 500 calories more daily, but even this is not necessarily accurate. Mothers just need to have balanced meals matching their own appetite. Many regulations about meals only make breast-feeding more unnecessary and more complicated.

3. Breast-feeding mothers and nurses must drink a lot of water.

Mothers need to drink water when they are thirsty. Some mothers supposedly feel thirsty all the time, but most mothers supposedly do not drink more water than normal times. Mother’s body produces thirst if more moisture is needed. Do not believe that certain volume of water need to be drunk daily. Regulations about drinking water also makes breast-feeding more complicated.

4. Mothers who underwent breast enlargement or contraction cannot breastfeed.

Even if one breast-feeds with breasts undergoing silicon transplant, it is not harmful to a child. At times, such a surgery is conducted through one’s areola. Such mothers, along with those women who underwent incision around the areola line would have a problem with breast production. As long as it is not such a case, it does not matter. Mothers who underwent breast reduction surgeries can also fully breast-feed very well. In such a case, even if a mother’s milk is not enough, mother can continue to breast-feed, and can compensate by using breast-feeding supplement products.

5. It is better for smoking mothers not to breast-feed.

Even if a mother cannot refrain from smoking, she must still breast-feed. For example, it had been known that smoking’s negative aspects exerted on a child’s lung had been reduced through breast-feeding. Breastfeeding brings big benefits to a mother and a child health-wise. Although it is better for a mother not to smoke, but if a mother cannot refrain from smoking or cannot reduce smoking, then it is better to smoke and breast-feed than to smoke and feed powder milk.

6. Mother must not drink during breastfeeding period

An appropriate amount of alcohol consumption is not harmful at all. Just like most medications, a very small amount of alcohol is contained in breast milk. Mother can drink a little alcohol and can breast-feed just like normal times. To not allow drinking is giving an unnecessary restriction in life to a breast-feeding mother.

7. Pre-term infant must learn to first of all eating bottle before breast-feeding.

Pre-term infant receives less stress through breastfeeding compared to bottle feeding. In case of being under 1200 gram, as soon as the infant stabilizes, even if the infant could not appropriately suck on the breast for first several weeks, one could still breast-feed. Infant would continue to learn to suck breast and this would be important for the health of the infant and that of the mother. Actually, the weight or the gestational age are not as important as the infant sucking breast.

8. Mother with flat, collapsed nipples can breast-feed

Infants do not get breast-fed by nipples but they get breast-fed by breasts. If nipples protrude, it is easier to suck breast, but there is no certain need for the nipples to protrude. If the start is good, various problems could be prevented and can properly be breast-fed no matter what shape the mother’s nipples are. In the past, in order for a baby to well suck on breasts, nipple shield was frequently recommended. But such device especially should not be used for first few days. That is because even if this is a solution, ultimately, through this device’s use, breast milk consumption deficiency and serious weight loss could be brought and this makes it more difficult for a child to appropriately suck breasts. If a baby cannot properly suck breasts even if an appropriate help is given at first, there are occasional instances of the baby being able to well suck breasts subsequently. Also, breasts change for first several weeks, and a baby with a good production of mother’s milk mostly soon shall suck breasts very well.

9. Pregnant mother must give up on breastfeeding.

If a baby and the mother want, breast-feeding may continue. Even if a baby is newly born, there is even a mother who still breast-feeds the older baby. When most mothers become pregnant, breast-feeding is discontinued due to nipple pains or even other reasons, but there is no medical reason for having to do so. Actually, there are reasons to continue breast-feeding. Although breast milk production is decreased during pregnancy, if a baby can eat other food, then this generally does not become a problem.

10. Baby that has diarrhea should not be breast-fed.

The best treatment method for gastrointestinal infection is breast-feeding. Not only that, it is very rare for a baby to demand moisture other than breast milk. If there is a problem of not being able to well process lactose, the baby can be given lactose drop possible to use without a prescription before or after breast-feeding, but for babies who are breast-fed, such a need is low. Please get the information about the usage method from hospital. In some cases, lactose allergy due to stomachache would disappear as time passes. Powder milk without lactose is not better than breast milk. Breast-feeding is better than any powdered milk.