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Don't just run away from what you dislike

School, certain foods…. There are lots of things that we don’t like that we have to try if we want to grow up into who we want to be.

For example, why do you not like learning Chinese? Is it because it’s too hard to memorize the characters? Instead of giving up, try harder. Instead of practicing something 10 times each, practice 100 times each. Everyone is di erent. Some people can get something in one try, and some people cannot do something until the 100th try. It’s only a matter of when you get it, not if. Everyone has the ability to learn.

If you don’t like the recipe, change it. Try to bake something instead of eating it raw. Slice instead of chop. Try a mayonnaise dip. If you have the courage to try, then you have the ability to learn. In fact, it’s often easier to try than it is to run away.

There were once two neighbors who lived just next door to each other. Due to a minor disagreement, they vowed never to speak to each other again. Whenever they saw each other, they turned away without a word. One day though, one of the neighbors took courage, and while the other watered his garden, approached him and said, “Hello Neighbor! The weather sure is nice today!” The other neighbor was taken aback, but managed to respond, “Y-Yes! It seems to be warming up.” After just this single exchange, the neighbors could once again be as neighbors should – friendly and approachable.

Everyone has something that they cannot do. Whether it’s a food you cannot eat or a neighbor you will not speak to, the most important thing to conquering these issues is the courage of the person to try.

If you have children, you may see that all around them are stereotyped pictures of good and bad. Children hear on TV or in books all the time about how other children don’t like vegetables, just like they would learn about a scary wolf in a fairy tale like Red Riding Hood. Children are taught and conditioned everyday on what to like, and certainly what to dislike.

It takes courage to try things you don’t like, but that small courage is often very rewarding. It is much better to have an open mind than it is to have a closed one, because it’s often much better to try new things than to simply dislike them. In fact, disliking things in general has a negative impact on your outlook on life. It can cause problems in your future relationships and the way you approach new experiences, ultimately leading to a lower quality of life. If children grow up with this kind of toxic attitude, they can develop a very pessimistic perspective as they learn and grow. Instead, encourage them to try new things with courage and optimism.