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Being thnakful to adults

Adults work very hard. They do all of the things that you as children are too young to do. It셲 not just your parents who help you. The mailman works to make sure you can get your mail and packages, even when it셲 raining outside. There are so many adults who help you and help your parents to raise you. This is what is called a society, where people work together to help each other. For a society to grow, adults must help raise children like you to grow up so that you can help others when you grow up too. For example, there are adults who grow the food that we eat or build the places we go.

Adults work really hard to help take care of you so you can grow up to be an adult too. That셲 why it is very important for us to be thankful to adults, and to say 쏷hank you! When we do this, even the adults will be very happy and think, 쏶ince the children are so thankful, I should work even harder! When we are thankful to adults, adults want to do even more for us.

Adults understand that they could only make their dreams come true with the help of other people too, so even adults always are thankful.

It셲 often embarassing when a guest arrives in the house, and the child does not seem to care about properly greeting or addressing them. However, it셲 important not to yell at the child when this happens, because even if they reluctantly greet the guest in that moment, they셪l learn the activity as a chore and annoyance.

Children do not know anything. If an adult does not teach them, they cannot know it. This is the same at home and in society. Often, adults will complain or otherwise lament that children these days do not know their manners, whether it is greetings or otherwise. However, this is because they haven셳 been taught! When I fi rst started working at a large corporation, I didn셳 understand the rules of greeting coworkers in the hallway, and also to superiors. However, this is because nobody had ever explained it to me!

When you experience the positivity of greeting your peers with a bright voice in the morning, it셲 only natural to want to continue to do so. You grow as a person who understands how to greet others properly. Children learn about this in their schools, both to teachers and to each others. However, when you grow to feel that certain people are distant or do not matter to you, even as adults, we are not able to learn to greet each other properly.

When a friend or family member comes to visit, explain to your child that they are important and a guest that the family needs to take care of. This is true of even others who visit the house, like mailmen or couriers, because they are providing a service to the house. Don셳 let them disregard them because 쏧t셲 their job, or they don셳 matter to me. Rather, foster an attitude of respect towards all guests and visitors.

After the huge earthquakes in Japan, the victims of the disaster received a great deal of praise for not breaking out into riots in the process of receiving aid, especially while in the midst of such tragedy and loss. It is this kind of tradition that can lead the world and teach our children an example for the future. It is an opportunity to teach our children that there should be no person in the world who doesn셳 matter to me.