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Think about everything

When you want to cry, think of why you want to cry.

“The reason why I want to cry is because I lost a tournament.” “Why do I want to cry if I lose? Because I feel wronged? Why do I feel wronged?” “I think it’s because I don’t like to lose.” “I want to win.” “To win, how should I have done?” “I needed more practice.” “But why did I lack in my practice quantity?” “I thought I could win if I practiced that much and I stopped the practice.” “But the other team seems to have practiced so much more.” “They are getting up an hour earlier in the morning and summoning themselves in the athletic fi eld.” “Then until I win in the next tournament, I will endure not watching or doing TV, game and sleep early.”

When I want to cry, when I want to get angry, whenever I think of ‘why,’ I will know how to achieve the dream. But if I just keep crying, I will also lose the next tournament

Reading for the Parents - Human being is a thinking reed

A person who achieved a dream is a person with a thought. Therefore, please let children develop habits of thinking as well. Comedians who are active on TV may be someone who repeat funny sayings to make people laugh and always say stupid things and are just being joyously playful, as far as the viewpoint of children are concerned, but that’s only their appearances when they show up on TV, but they are actually researchers who always think about their work. As their work is ‘Making others laugh,’ the efforts of these popular comedians may always think about things such as, what is a laughter to human beings, Upon what emotion do people laugh? What is a laughter that refl ects an age or period? Why is this person fun? Is it because of a popular trend? Is it because of unexpectedness? Is it because it matches this period very well? And so on, the efforts of comedians are always thinking like this as though they are thinking when sleeping, thinking for 24 hours, we heard.

If among the children, there are those who imitate comedians and enjoy receiving surrounding attention and there are children who says that their dream is to become a comedian in the future, then please tell them this for certain. Even if it seems they are not thinking, actually they are always continuing to think. This is the common element of all those who have achieved their dreams. If we live by ‘thinking about’ various things in daily life, that becomes a habit. If one returns from a soccer game having lost, don’t just comfort one but let one think about why one lost in the tournament. If you don’t do this, then one cannot develop. And before congratulating one on one’s win, make them think about why one won. If you don’t do this, then you cannot guarantee that one will win again next time.

Based on the fact that one has lost, there is a need to think in order to ensure one’s victory. Taking a test is the same thing. Passing is not a destination but a point of departure. If what cannot be done now is decided on as ‘not being able to do,’ then one will forever not be able to do. If you cannot do it, then you must exert efforts until you can do it, and you don’t just exert efforts but one must ‘think of’ how one can exert efforts and then exert efforts. If you develop a power of thinking, one’s power of gradually being able to fi nd a solution will be developed as well. Power of thinking becomes the key to opening a door.