Elastin Beauty / 1 mth supply (60 packets)

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Umeken Elastin Beauty is a highly functional, edible cosmetic that contains
the revolutionary new skin ingredient Elastin, large amounts of high-quality,
high-absorbency fish collagen, so-called 'moisture tank' hyaluronic acid, and
skin-activator Vitamin C.
This revolutionary product contains all four of the leading substances that
make up skin cells to push nutrients and moisture deep into the skin
from inside, thus raising skin elasticity.
4 vital ingredients for beautiful skin
Supplies nutrients to the skin from the inside, raises the elasticity and flexibility of skin
Collagen Peptide
Provide amino acids to produce collagen for healthier and active skin. Highly absorptive.
Hyaluronic acid
So-called a 'moisture tank', this highly pure acid makes skin hold more water.
Vitamin C
Purified high-unit
Vitamin C helps in activating the skin.
180g (60 packets) / Take 2 packets daily.
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It really helps my skin to look smoother, and even look younger now. I really love this product.
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