Enzyme Facial Gel, Arazyme (40ml)

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Enzyme Facial Gel, Arazyme

Clean and clear skin


Arazyme's Main Effects

√ Deep Pore Detoxifying.
√ Promotion of skin regeneration through quick elimination of dead cells.
√ Outstanding improvement of skin complexion and texture.
√ Maintains clean and clear skin.
√ Enzyme elements suitable for all skin types.

What is Arazyme?

Arazyme, a proteolytic enzyme, and natural cellulose maintain skin cleanliness by eliminating waste products and dead skin cells. The natural plant components protect the skin, which are easily roughened by the harmful environment. They also provide moisture, making the skin soft and smooth.

Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology discovered and developed an enzyme protease, which is related to spiders’ digestive ability. It has received certification for KT(Excellent Korean Technology from the Korean government).

*Protease : Extracted from spiders thoroughly eliminates dead cells.



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