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Customer Testimonials Needed
Testimonials Needed
Have you experienced any benefits after using Umeken products?
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Phuc Phan Rockford, IL
Recommended Umeken Products : Koso Ball, Plum Ball EX

I’m a 60 years old woman. I often search for health related food and supplement on internet because I’ve always been concerned for my husband’s health. One day, I found Umeken’s advertisement on internet. Perhaps because of my age, I was always feeling tired doing house chores. Especially standing up for a long time in the kitchen was excruciating that I almost thought I could not cook for my husband anymore. After consulting with Umeken’s Health Designer, I started to take Koso Ball EX and Plum Ball EX.

Afterward my tiredness went away with revival of appetite. Even walking up to stairs was not tiring me, so I recommended Umeken to my husband as well. It has only few months I’ve been into Umeken’s products, and the result is so amazing as they tremendously help my family’s health. I recommended Umeken to my older sister who is now over 70 years old. Her health is benefi ting many positive effects from Umeken’s products. I thank Umeken for making promising health products. I hope Umeken continues to their research for better products to promote healthy lives to all people including elders like myself. Thank you.

Health Journal Editing Team : We are very glad to to hear that health of you and your family has been improved greatly. We wish you and your family together a healthily and happily life.

Okhwa Beaubien Garland, TX
Recommended Umeken Products : Pomegranate Zakuro Balls

I used to have issues with constantly feeling tired, irritated, and lacking confidence. One day, I came across a product that everyone in the neighborhood had been talking about which was good for your health and overall mood. The product was Pomegranate Zakuro Balls, and it was certainly as effective as everyone said. Not only do I sleep better, I feel like it has also reduced wrinkles on my face. Maybe it’s because I have more confidence and less stress! Similarly, I seem to get less white hairs as well. All I know is that I’m going to continue taking this product. Another Umeken product I’ve come to enjoy since then is Takumi Stock Powder. They make everything I cook taste great and I really enjoy it myself. Thank you for your wonderful products, please keep up the good work!

Health Journal Editing Team : It’s very rewarding to hear that we are helping you in your daily lives. We will constantly strive to create even better products everyday. Thank you!

Pham Huynh Garden Grove, CA
Recommended Umeken Products : Plum Ball EX, Royal Propollen, Mineral L-Calcium, Koso Ball

Two years ago after my treatment of breast cancer, I was going through a psychologically difficult time, while my health declined at the same time.

One day, I read a health related booklet brought from a market. After reading the booklet, I started to consume Plum Ball EX, Royal Propollen, Mineral L-Calcium, and Koso Ball EX. Before knowing about Umeken’s product, I was always exhausted without any will to live a daily life.

Suffering from hair loss and loss of appetite, my face turned pale while my legs began to hurt. I did not want to move all day from laying down because I was in pain. I felt like a 70 years old woman feeling always tired and cold, suffering from lack of sleep all night, began to feel hand tremors as well.

After taking Umeken’s products, I went through positive changes in many things. I will only testify what I experienced without any exaggeration. After consuming some of Umeken products, I started to feel clearer in my head, my hair became softer, my skin improved noticeably even by my friends’ eyes, and I was able to sleep much better. It was the Royal Propollen that help me sleep well.

After taking enzyme tablets regularly for 3 months, my tiresome went away as I became more active and my skin found brightness again. The Plum Ball EX help me fi nd appetite again to begin enjoying eating food to an extent that my sister asked me why I eat so much. Mineral L-Calcium is also very good as I begin to feel free from pain in my legs from knees to toes. Umeken’s products really worked for me.

Although there are many health supplements from various companies, I want to introduce Umeken’s products because I know many Japanese eat healthy food and have long, healthy lives.

That’s why I chose Umeken’s products for my own health. I want to recommend Umeken’s product for trial. I think Umeken’s products will help people keep healthy, whether they are ill or not. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a product that lasts more a couple of months.

I thank Umeken for researching and developing well-being products that improve lives of people by keeping them healthy, curing diseases, giving happiness to life.

Health Journal Editing Team : We thank you for choosing Umeken and we are extremely happy to hear that you have found your health again. We hope that you and your family together will live healthily and happily for a long time.