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Bộ Cà Phê Chồn (Luwak)

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Bộ Cà Phê Chồn (Luwak)
• Bao gồm Cà phê
• Đồ lọc
• Máy xay
• Luwak Coffee Hansai 5oz(141.7g)



The Best Way to Make Delicious Luwak Coffee

1. When using a manual coffee maker, grind 10g (1 cup standard) of luwak coffee beans coarsely. 

2. Use 6 oz of 90° - 95° C (194° - 203° F) temperature water. The kettle spout must be small to pour the water slowly and evenly. 
    Pour the water slowly from the center to the outer edge several times in a circular motion for optimal taste.

3. In order to enjoy the unique quality flavor of luwak coffee, sugar or cream should not be added.

*For more detailed instructions, please visit


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