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Good News for Women
Pomegranate Zakuro Balls
Pomegranate w/CoQ10 for your skin and health
Pomegranate has long been highly regarded as fruit for women. In addition, Co-enzyme Q10 has had the spotlight in Korea and Japan for its positive effects on the skin. Rather than drinking pomegranate juice, Umeken Zakuro Pomegranate Balls are in a delicious, chewable form that all can enjoy. The entire family can benefit from Pomegranate when taken daily.*
Show yourself with just 6 balls of Pomegranate Extract w/CoQ10
Two of the most beautiful women in history, Chinese imperial consort Yang Yuhuan and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, are both noted to have enjoyed eating pomegranate every day. As a plant-based source of estrogen, Pomegranate Extract contains natural vitamins, minerals, citric acids, and tannins- making it a welcome addition for women.*
180g (325 balls) Approx. two month supply / Take 6 balls anytime during the day
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Zakuro Balls really helped my health. My hormones became balanced after taking these supplements.

I frequently felt dizzy and had a constant ringing in my ear. I thought it would get better in time but for no specific reason, I had muscle tension and extreme fatigue. I went to Korea for a general physical exam to figure out what was wrong with me but the result showed that I was fine. I visited an herbal doctor without much expectation but he recommended Pomegranate saying my symptoms may be related to hormonal imbalance. On my flight back, I was flipping through the magazines for Duty Free items and Zakuro Balls caught my attention. At first, I didn’t feel any different even after taking two bottles. But after the 3rd bottle of taking Zakuro Balls, my fatigue, dizziness and the ringing in my ear disappeared. And my skin cleared up. Zakuro Balls is a must for all middle age woman. It also tastes good too!

I am very grateful that I found Zakuro Balls – I was able to pass over my menopause without really feeling the symptoms of hot flashes, anxiety, sleep problems, etc.

I take four Zakuro Balls every day. It’s portable and convenient to take along anywhere, when I’m traveling, at school, etc. My menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings went away.

I had a hysterectomy in 2001 and because of my hormone imbalance I’ve been taking Zakuro Balls for the past ten years. Because my body reacted negatively to the hormone treatment they provided through the hospital, my doctor actually recommended that I take a natural supplement from Pomegranate.

I was a nurse, but after I got married we moved settled in Milwaukee area. We ran a store and one day, I just felt like I was aging, and was constantly tired. I thought I was an expert when it came to health but I didn’t understand what was going on with my body. An associate recommended Zakuro Balls to me, and I have been regularly taking it for the past six years now. I really feel that Zakuro Balls is a needed supplement for all mid-age women.

I’ve been taking Zakuro Balls for about a year and half. I started taking this supplements because it was recommended for women but honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise, my body feels healthier and my skin feels great. My fine lines around my eyes and lips seems minimal now.

A friend of mine who is 3 years younger than me had a rough menopausal period. She complained about frequent hot flashes, and other issues. I’ve been taking Zakuro balls regularly, and I never experienced any of the menopausal symptoms. I also get a lot of compliments because I look younger than my age.

I had difficulty waking up in the morning and had no energy to exercise. My periods were becoming irregular – and I went for 3 months without having a period. I was about half-way through a bottle of Zakuro Balls when my period started again.

Pomegranate + Royal Collagen

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