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Charm of Refa 4 CARAT
1. Microcurrent
A treatment method using microcurrent, which is also popular at esthetic salons. Takes in light from the solar panel and generates a microcurrent.

3. Esthetic method
ReFa S CARAT recreates the point kneading technique of professionals who use their finger tips to gently knead. Concentrated, gentle care of the eyes, mouth and other specific areas will renew your appearance.
2. Platinum coating
The roller surfaces are platinum-coated to maintain a beautiful shine.
4. Point Rollers
Compact point care design. The roller with its special, diamond-like shape creates multiple pressure spots to gently tone delicate skin.
How to use the ReFa S CARAT
How to hold
Grip securely centering on the thickest section, avoiding covering the solar panel with your hand.

How to roll
Roll in both directions while slightly applying force, as shown by the arrows.

Care for your eyes
Roll in a half-circular motion from below the eye to the temple. Gently knead the area aroud the eye.
Roll gently, concentrating on the area under the eyes. For sparkling, bright eyes.
Roll in small motions between the outer corner of the eye and the temple. Firm eyes that look great with a smile.
Care for your face
Roll along laugh lines. Press down lightly and roll carefully and smoothly.
Roll in small motions to lift the corners of the mouth. Think of a happy mouth with corners slightly turned-up.
Roll lightly from between the eyebrows to the hairline. To firm your forehead.
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