Reishi Moist Skin Cleansing Bar (80g)



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Microbubble Soap

Reishi Moist Skin cleansing bar

Umeken's Reishi Moist Skin cleansing bar creates an amazing amount of micro-size foams with just a small amount of water. This cleansing bar was made using patented technology developed in Japan. The cleansing bar thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes the skin because of the micro-size foam, which permeates through even the tiniest pores in our skin. Reishi extract within the cleansing bar helps seal in moisture and soften the skin.

Umeken's Reishi Moist Skin cleansing bar

1. No artificial ingredients added.
2. Helps seal in moisture to skin
3. Reishi extract adds to helping soften and moisturize your skin.
4. Made with Patented technology. Microbubbles created allows you to cleanse the skin gently without having to scrub your face with your fingers.

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