Royal Propollen (180g)



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Royal Propollen
● Royal Jelly
● Bee Pollen
● Propolis
180g (900 balls) / Take 10-15 balls anytime during the day.
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A friend gave me a bottle of Umeken Royal Propollen before my month long Korea/China trip, saying that it’ll help me with my energy level and has the same effects of a multi vitamin. Because it was a gift, I took 10 balls a day regularly. During my trip, I had energy to go up and see China’s Huangshuan mountain. And during my Korea visit, there was a lot of walking involved and I had enough energy to visit all the destination. It’s been five years since my Korea visit and I was very happy to make my time there worthwhile. Even my younger brother was surprised to see how much energy I had. He said “who would think you’re in your 70’s.” I came back home, and my bottle of Royal Propollen ran out and I was back to feeling lethargic, and tired. I realized then how much Royal Propollen helped me regain my energy and strength. I rarely believed the commercials on TV, and I hardly took any health supplements. But now, I realized the benefits of taking them and the price is very reasonable. I feel healthy and energetic now.

My mother was taking Royal Jelly, but she found it a hassle to take it out of the refrigerator to take it regularly. She would forget to take them, and sometimes forget to put in back in the refrigerator and we would have to throw it away. I switched her over to Umeken Royal Propollen about three years ago, and she has been regularly taking them. It’s great that she can enjoy the benefits of Royal Jelly and Propolis.

I had rhinitis for a very long time. During wintertime, I’d frequently get sick after a workout with the cold air hitting against my face. My colds would last two months, and my body doesn’t respond well to medicine so I would have to stick it out. My friend recommended that I start taking Umeken Royal Propollen and I was amazed to see how much it improved my health. I felt that my rhinitis improved significantly even in cold weather.