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Shouka Koso (Digestive Enzymes)

Special enzymes for digestion


Difficulty in digestion can be the source of chronic illness. Of the thousands of enzymes in existence, Shouka Koso combines those which are specialized for digestion. With special enzymes created using world-class fermentation technology, this product is recommended for people who suffer digestive problems after even slightly overeating, those who always feel bloated and unpleasant inside, and just about anyone who lives with chronic digestion discomfort and gastric hyperacidity. This product is also recommended for avoiding after-meal drowsiness. Completely forget about your digestion problems and enjoy the fresh feeling that comes from taking Umeken Digestive Enzymes.

We don't live on the food we eat, but on the food we digest. An automobile needs gas to run, but if the battery doesn't spark the ignition to get things started, the gas can't do its job. In the same way, if the enzymes do not digest and break down the food we eat, the food can't be absorbed into the body to become energy.

Top Improvements From a High Enzyme Diet

• Constipation relief
• Relief from shoulder discomfort and pain
• Stomach and digestion improvements
• Reduced fatigue
• Reduced blood sugar in urine
• Regulation of blood pressure
• Greater resistance to colds
• Better overall physical condition
• Beautiful skin

Dietary Guidelines to Prevent Indigestion

• Make digestion a priority when selecting foods.
• Take full control of the amount of food you eat. Do not overeat.
• Consume enzyme-rich food.
• Chew every bite of food 30 times or more.
• Make fruits and vegetables at least 30% of your food intake.
• When eating meat, make sure to eat it with fruits and vegetables.
• Get the body moving after meals to promote good digestion.
• Replenish the body with enzymes when eating.



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This is very good for digestive !!!