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Takumi (Japanese Stock Powder) / 8g x 26 packets

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Takumi (Japanese Stock Powder)

Healthy and Delicious Japanese Seasoning


Key Points

• Healthy seasoning with the finest, natural ingredients – Kombu, Bonito extract powder, Tamogitake mushroom extract, Shiitake mushroom extract, etc.
• Give your soup or vegetable dish a flavorful boost with this healthy seasoning!

Using the finest ingredients, Umeken has developed Takumi, a new generation of healthy seasoning and stock powder. Use it for any soup or vegetable dish and taste the difference!

Here is the list of special ingredients of Takumi

Bonito Extract Powder – Yaizu bonito (fish) from Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture, rich in protein, Vitamin D, niacin, and, taurine.
Tamogitake mushroom extract powder – Very rare ingredient in a seasoning, contains an abundance of beta-glucan.
Shiitake mushroom extract – Popular soup ingredient in extract form.
Kombu – Hidaka Kombu (seaweed) from Japan's Hokkaido region.

Takumi detail 1
Health food no msg


Use 1 packet for 4 cups of water. / Small: 8g x 26 packets (1 packet = 4 servings)
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