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Umeken TRI-M Diet

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Decrease your weight and increase your health
with Umeken 3-week TRI-M Diet*
Umeken TRI-M Weight Management Kit
originated from the concept of
“Losing Weight the Healthy Way” with the help of
specially formulated supplements and
easy-to-make delicious meals.
[Umeken TRI-M Diet Kit Contains]
Vita Green Mix
- Contains 48 types of fermented grains, fruits, and vegetables
- Spirulina powder added
- 14 kinds of vegetable mix powder
- 16 kinds of fruit mixed powder
· Drink the Vita Green Mix as a meal replacement for 1 meal a day.
· Mix 2 spoons with 7~10 oz of water or milk.
· Use the spoon that came with the shaker bottle.
Meta Plum
- Contains 21 types of fermented vegetables and mushroom extract
- Plum extract
- Galacto-oligosaccharide
· Take 1 pouch in the morning on an empty stomach.
· The Meta Plum serves as “prebiotics” that act as
catalyst for the probiotics in your intestines.
Hyper M
3 main functions
- Appetite suppressant –with Yeast peptide
- Speedy metabolism –with Garcinia fruit extract
- Fat burning –with green coffee extract,
green tea powder, and chitosan
· Take 6 tablets 2 hours after breakfast.
Every Meal
The ingredients in Every Meal helps block
the fat and sugar from the food being absorbed into the body.
· Take 4 tablets after each meal of solid food.
2 types of probiotics are included for
regular bowel movement and immune system
· Take 6 tablets before going to bed.
[TRI-M Daily Diet Plan]
1. Take 1 packet of META PLUM on an empty stomach.
2. As a breakfast, drink 1 glass of VITA GREEN MIX with
7~10 oz of water or milk **
3. Take 6 tablets of HYPER M 2 hours after breakfast
1. . Enjoy a delicious meal found in TASTY DIET
COOKBOOK for lunch
2. Take 4 tablets of EVERY MEAL after eating
1. Enjoy a delicious meal found in TASTY DIET
COOKBOOK for dinner
2. Take 4 tablets of EVERY MEAL after eating
3. Take 6 tablets of PROBIOTICS before going to bed
** You can take VITA GREEN MIX for lunch
or dinner, if desired, and eat from the
TASTY DIET COOKBOOK for the other meals.
Eat one meal a day with VITA GREEN MIX,
and the other 2 meals can be selected
3 benefits in
3 weeks!
Tasty Diet Cookbook
[Tasty Diet Cookbook] is a recipe book that tells us how to eat full, eat deliciously and yet lose weight. Calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be lowered and delicious meals with proper balance of 3 main nutrients (carbohydrates, fat, protein) are introduced. This is a book that can help those who had undergone nutritional imbalance, yo-yo phenomenon, muscular reduction due to diet that only leans toward one nutrient or unconditionally starves oneself.
Buy a TRI-M Set and get a
Stop the diet of eating only chicken breasts and vegetables!
Stop the hungry and tasteless diet!
Learn how to eat easy-to-make, delicious meals while losing weight!
Start the TRI-M diet with ‘Tasty Diet Cookbook’.

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