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트라이업 플러스(정) / 3개월분(약 450정)

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트라이업 플러스(정)
● 클로렐라 엑기스, 화분
● 은행잎엑기스, DHA
● 블렉베리, 블렉커런트엑기스
203g (약 450정) 3개월분 / 하루 5정을 표준으로 드십시오.
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Dr. Yoshio Yamagishi arranged to try chlorella on healthy 10-year-old students, 22 boys and 18 girls, at Okuno Primary School in Tokyo, while another group of 22 boys and 15 girls the same age served as controls. Two grams of chlorella were given daily to the test group (except Sundays and holidays) for a total of 112 days.

The height and weight of all children in the experiment were recorded monthly. At the end of the experiment, the average increase for boys taking chlorella was one inch in height and 2.3 lb in weight, while the boys in the control group grew 0.6 inch in height and 1.6 lb in weight. The girls of both groups gained an average of 0.9 inch in height, but the girls who took chlorella gained 4.2 lb on the average, while the controls gained 2.7 lb (5).

What this experiment showed is that human children, as well as young animals and chickens, experienced a measurable growth spurt while taking chlorella supplements."

-- Paul Pitchford, M.S., the author of the landmark nutrition book Healing with Whole Foods
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