About Umeken Japan

Umeken had its humble beginning as a small pharmaceutical company in 1947. Throughout the years, the company researched, developed and manufactured over 150 health supplements. In 1978, the company officially adopted the name "Umeken" and continue to expand globally and strive for excellence. In 2014, Umeken manufactures more than 1000 products that are enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Umeken is well-known for its unique ball form, made with Umeken patented technology that ensures timely release into the body.

Umeken manufacturing facilities have been certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and recognized by Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association and Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS). Umeken is recognized not only in Japan, but globally as a company that endeavors to

use only the best ingredients found in nature and develop quality health products manufactured under the guidance of Japan's advanced scientific standards and artisan spirit.

Umeken headquarters is located in Osaka, Japan and Umeken's two factories are located in Toyama, Japan, which is the heart of the pharmaceutical industry. Staffed with Ph.D. accredited researchers in the pharmaceutical, nutrition and other related areas, Umeken has led the research on health benefits of the plum, various herbs, vitamins, and minerals with emphasis on traditional Oriental medicine

Headquarter 3-16 Kurosaki-cho, kita-ku, Osaka-shi 530-0023
Toyama Factory 1 532-1 Itakura, Fuchu-machi, Toyama-shi 939-2721
Toyama Factory 2 777-1 Itakura, Fuchu-machi, Toyama-shi 939-2721
Okinawa Spirulina Farm 2474-1 Higashimunezoe, Hirayoshiaza, Miyakojima City, Okinawa
Website www.umeken.info
Email overseas@umeken.info

About Umeken USA

Umeken USA, Inc. was established in Los Angeles, California in 1998. Currently, in 2013, we offer over 100 premium health supplements and wellness products to customers all over US. Umeken USA, with the great teamwork of its 150 employees in US and Canada, along with 25 retail stores and 350 resellers, has been promoting healthy living through its quality products.


To provide the community with practical tips and advice for a healthier, happier lifestyle, Umeken USA introduced its very own periodical, the "Health Journal" in July 2002. Published in Korean and Chinese languages, the Health Journal magazine has been distributed across all over the US. From the March issue of 2010, Umeken USA has digitized the Heath Journal into E-magazine and has been made available to via the internet.

In 2008, the "Hansai" wellness brand was born. In response to the community's demand to make healthy living a priority, the Hansai brand has been dedicated to providing superior home wellness products, such as Wave Q (natural mineral alkaline reduced water generator), stainless steel multi-ply Verite 7 cookware, Sonnobella premium goosedown comforter, along with several other products that adds to a healthier lifestyle.

Umeken USA also partnered with Asiana Air and Air Busan셲 in-flight duty free shop to make its products available to a larger community. We also partnered with Hyosung Corporation for customers in Korea to enjoy our premium products.

Our newly launched Umeken Club Bonus Dollar program allows customers to receive many benefits and allow us to contribute back to our community.

1998 - Umeken USA incorporated in Los Angeles, CA
2000 - 14 Retail stores and over 200 resellers in US
2003 - Established Headquarters in Garden Grove, CA
2007 - Los Angeles, CA Office established
2008 - Expansion of Headquarters to Cerritos, CA
2010 - Expanded to 25 Retail stores and over 350 resellers in US
2010 - 100th monthly issue of the Korean Health Journal published (38th issue of Chinese Health Journal)
2010 Partnered with Hyosung Conglomerate (www.umeken.co.kr)
2010 Partnered with Asiana Air and Air Busan셲 In-flight Duty Free Shop
2011 - Partnered with 99 Ranch Market
2012 Successful launching and introduction of "Replenish your Enzyme" campaign.
2012 Sister company, Umeken Canada established
2013 Umeken Club Bonus Dollar program introduced

Umeken News

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Hawaii VIP Event05/16 2018

Umeken USA CEO Brian Han hosted a special dinner for Umeken VIP members in Hawaii, in order to express great appreciation for their continuous love and support.

Promotion at LA Kim셲 Home Center05/12 2018

Umeken set up special promotional booths at Kim's Home Center, the largest home goods and appliance store in the Los Angeles Korean community.

National TV Interviews04/23 2018

Umeken Health Designers were interviewed by national TV channels TAN TV and ETTV to introduce certain Umeken products and relate some positive experiences.

New Product Training03/30 2018

On March 29-30, 2018, Kinji Sakamoto from Umeken Japan visited Umeken USA headquarters to educate Umeken store employees and call center Health Designers on the new products that are beneficial for diabetes.