Cellisys EX Wrinkle Solution Skincare Special Kit

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Cellisys from the trustworthy Daewoong Pharmaceuticals

Exclusive retailer in the US
Product Contents

1. Cellisys E.G.F Wrinkle 29 Activator 7ml x 4ea
2. Cellisys Wrinkle Solution Concentrating Essence 35ml
3. Cellisys Wrinkle Solution Cream 50ml
4. Cellisys E.G.F Intense Mask 4 Sheets (1 box)
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What is EGF?
EGF, an acronym for epidermal growth factor, refers to epithelium tissue regeneration.
EGF is an important substance that stimulates cellular proliferation, differentiation, and vitality
as well as synthesis of collagen and elastin to regenerate skin.
DW EGF is the world’s only EGF that has been produced for pharmaceutical purposes.

The world’s first approved pharmaceutical EGF

The only registered substance by WHO (World Health Organization)

An original internationally standardized substanc

20 times more active compared to other brands

Patented Genetic Recombination Protein Synthesis Technology

10 times more EGF content compared to other brands
EGF Wrinkle 29 Activator
Contains sh-Oligopeptide-1 / 10ppm

Dull skin due to aging and environmental factors can be renewed into firm and radiant skin with
High-Tech Activator

Liposome technology effectively delivers sh-Oligopeptide-1 to the deepest layers of your skin!
Skin Power Activator

Synergic combination of sh-Oligopeptide-1 and effective ingredients such as peptide, ceramide, and Argan oil improves skin vitality and wrinkles!
Main Ingredient
Stimulates collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity
Prevents skin from moisture loss to keep your skin moisturized
Argan Oil
Powerful antioxidants prevent moisture loss to keep skin moisturized and helps skin regenerate
Rose Hip Extract
Promotes smooth, moisture rich skin, and controls sebum for effective pore care
Hyaluronic Acid
Highly permeable ingredients penetrate deep into skin to slow down aging and promote smooth skin texture
Method of use for E.G.F Wrinkle 29 Activator
1. Thoroughly apply to areas around eyes, mouth, or other trouble areas.
2. After application, gently place your hands on the areas of application to apply heat. This will help your skin to absorb the Activator.
3. Use 1 bottle per week. The set includes 4 weeks of application.

Helpful Tip! Effective application methods for specific areas
1. Forehead Wrinkle Lines

Apply an appropriate amount to the wrinkles in a horizontal motion. Massage the wrinkles in a zigzag pattern to ease the muscles.
2. Wrinkles around the Eyes

Starting from the under eyelid, apply an appropriate amount in a horizontal motion moving toward the outer eye. In an upward motion, apply vertically to target crow’s feet wrinkles. Use your ring fingers to gently pat around your eyes to loosen the muscles.
3. Smile lines and wrinkles around the mouth

Apply an appropriate amount to muscle lines around your mouth in an upwards direction, as to pull up your skin.
4. Patting smile lines and wrinkles around the mouth

After application, make a puffy face by having air in your mouth with your lips closed. Gently pat the area of application.
Concentrating Essence that makes your skin smooth as silk!
Concentrating Essence!
Concentrating Essence
The active ingredient for wrinkle solution, Adenosine helps to dissolve wrinkles. In addition, 5ppm of sh-Oligopeptide-1 and other various peptides helps to increase skin vitality.
Skin Protection and Soothing Benefits
Madecassoside improves cell walls transforming dry and rough skin into soft and smooth skin.
Intense Moisture
Ceramide supplies intense moisture, keeping your skin moisturized.
Firm Elasticity
Omega 3, 6, and 9 derived from Inca Oil promotes skin elasticity.
Main Ingredient
Vitaskin E
Skin Protection / Skin Nourishment
Inca Omega Oil
Contains beneficial Omega 3, 6, and 9 to enhance skin. Moisturizing / Promotes Skin Elasticity
Skin Protection and Soothing Benefits
Method of Use for Concentrating Essence
1. Use after applying skin softener. Gently apply an appropriate amount on skin.
2. For effective absorption, apply in an upward sweeping motion from the bottom of the neck to the forehead.
3. Place your palms on your face and neck for a few seconds to aid absorption.

Skin tone enhancing
E.G.F Wrinkle Solution Cream
Enhanced ingredients provide a high-concentration of nutrients
3ppm of sh-Oligopeptide-1 derived from Dawoong’s bio-technology promotes firm elasticity, while Argan oil supplies nutrients to dry skin.
Proven Wrinkle Improvement
Adenosine helps improve wrinkles as an active ingredient for wrinkle solution. Other various ingredients such as peptide complex and sh-Oligopeptide-1 in the solution provide vitality to the skin.
Ceramide 3 and sphingosine substances strengthen the skin barrier to supply moisture
Skin Care for Smooth and Radiant Skin
Natural oils supply nutrients to skin and help maintain healthy skin texture.
Main Ingredient
3ppm of sh-Oligopeptide-1 has effectively improved the skin barrier
Approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, this substance helps eradicate wrinkles to make skin more firm.
Supplies nutrients to skin giving it vitality
Prevents skin from moisture loss and helps to keep skin moisturized
Prevents skin from moisture loss
Argan Oil
Powerful antioxidants prevent moisture loss to keep skin moisturized, helping skin to regenerate.
Macademia Oil
Nourishes skin gently with highly quality natural oils
Sweet Almond Oil
Supplies nutrients to give skin vitality, helps regulate moisture.
Method of Use for E.G.F Wrinkle Solution Cream
1. Apply an amount that is 1/3 inch in diameter to the entire face.
2. Use the cream after applying Nano EGF Wrinkle 29 Activator for the synergic effects of EGF

E.G.F Intense Mask
Experience the innovation leading to firm and radiant skin with the highly concentrated Hydrogel Mask, now upgraded with 25 times more EGF concentration
Premium mask pack with the highest EGF content among all masks in the nation
Extraordinary natural gel type mask that is skin-friendly as opposed to a synthetic mask sheet.
More than 25% of the mask includes moisturizing ingredients to provide an intense hydrating mask.
Highly concentrated hydro gel mask that reacts to skin temperature
Main Ingredient
- Removal of skin toxins and waste
- Prevents skin damage
Tea Tree
- Anti-bacterial and disinfecting effects
- Helps treat acne
- Skin soothing effects
- Alleviates skin inflammation
Hydrolyzed Collagen
- Enhances skin elasticity
- Prevents aging and moisturizes
Hyaluronic Acid
- Prevents aging
- Maintains moisture levels
Highly concentrated nutrients delivered to the deepest skin layer with this ‘hydrogel mask that reacts to skin temperature’
Method of Use for E.G.F Intense Mask
1. Open the pouch and remove the transparent film that divides the upper and lower halves of the mask. Spread the mask sheets open.
2. Remove the upper mask from the transparent film and adhere onto your face. Align the mask with your eyes and place on your face smoothly.
3. Place the lower mask onto face by removing the transparent film as done with the upper mask. Gently tap mask with fingers to adhere properly onto face.
4. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask and gently tap the remaining moisture with your fingers to absorb the nutrients into skin.
Helpful Tip! Unlike synthetic sheet masks that only give a temporary effect, EGF Intense Mask reacts to body temperature. The ingredients in the mask is slowly absorbed and permeated into your skin, resulting long-lasting effects from the active ingredients.
Everything about DW E.G.F!
All Cellisys products consist of highly-concentrated DW EGF developed by Daewoong Pharmaceuticals.
Find radiant beauty with Cellisys! A brand that can be trusted!
Special Advantage of DW EGF
DW EGF is the world’s only EGF registered by WHO that obtained the nonproprietary name, Nepidermin.
Daewoong Pharmaceutical operates the only consigned quality testing center for cosmetics that contain EGF.
DW EGF is the world’s first registered EGF cosmetic ingredient in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook.
DW EGF is the only certified EGF ingredient for wrinkle improvement cosmetics certified by KFDA.
The only EGF with 34 patents in the world (23 countries) is DW EGF.
Clinical Effects of DW EGF
Many customers have experienced high satisfaction by noticing enhanced firmness, increased elasticity and improvement in deep and fine line wrinkles.

Patented DW EGF - EGF
10ppm is the largest amount contained in a cosmetic within the nation
Strengthens cell membranes to enhance skin.
Moisturized                       81.80%
Increased Elasticity          72.70%
Wrinkle Improvement        81.80%
[Clinical Test Result by Clinical Cosmetic Expert Derma Pro Research Center] Period: 09.04.2007 ~ 11.30.2007, Number of Subjects: 11
Wrinkle Improvement Benefits

Dermal Improvement Benefits

Effects of DW EGF
EGF stimulates the synthesis of collagen and fibtronetin to regenerate skin.
Stop the aging clock with EGF
Decreased levels of EGF concentration in the body accelerate skin aging as it slows down regeneration.
Before/After Use
EGF stimulates the skin regeneration process by activating skin cells.

Differentiation of cell activation can be seen with application of EGF. (Purplish colored cell on fundus of membrane)
※ The test was carried out by the Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at Seoul Asan Hospital with pig skin, which is known to be similar to human skin.

- By permeating into deep skin tissue, EGF regenerates and stimulates skin tissues to make skin firmer
Cellisys Method of Use
Concentration Essence
Wrinkle Improvement and Enhance Elasticity
Increase Skin Vitality and Minimize Wrinkles
Increase Elasticity and Provide Nourishment
EGF Intense Mask
Use once a week

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