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Corbicula Extract Balls / 3 mth supply (900 balls)

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Invigorate your liver with Corbicula Extract Balls!
Umeken Corbicula Extract Balls
Corbicula aids your liver!
Corbicula, a type of freshwater clam, is good for the liver and intestines. To make the Corbicula Extract Balls easy to eat, natural corbicula from Shimane, Japan (the place long recognized as producing corbicula of the greatest taste and quality) is highly concentrated and made into balls. Yeast extract is added with the corbicula extract, forming a special product containing amino acids, methionine, taurine, and arginine, as well B vitamins, minerals, silymarin, and glycogen.
What is exceptional about Umeken Corbicula Extract Balls?
뿈 Contains protein (amino acids such as methionine, taurine, and arginine), vitamin B (B1, B2, B3), minerals (calcium, potassium, iron) Ingredients contain glycogen
뿈 The corbicula is from Japan, acknowledged for its taste and quality
뿈 The high-protein, low-fat product is highly effective for liver diseases
뿈 Easy to swallow as it is made with Umeken's unique ball manufacturing method
Why are Umeken Corbicula Extract Balls great for the liver?
The essential amino acids contained in corbicula extract such as methionine helps enhance liver functions, taurine supports detoxification, and the rich Vitamin B12 content in the corbicula extract has been found to improve liver functions. According to one of the most respected and authoritative Oriental Herbal Medicine publications, Dongui Bogam written by Dr. Heo Jun, 쏞orbicula is gentle to the stomach (hence, no side effects when taken with other foods), clears the eyes, relduces fatigue, improves liver functions and alleviates jaundice. Corbicula contains calcium and phosphorus at a 1:1 ratio, and high calcium absorptivity is effective for treating malignant anemia. Umeken Corbicula Extract Balls contain turmeric and yeast extract as well. You can take the ball-form product conveniently anytime, anywhere. Made with Umeken's unique ball manufacturing method, it셲 easy to swallow.
If you have the following symptoms, you may want to have your liver checked by a physician.
What type of clam is corbicula?   It셲 a high-protein, low-fat food?   Corbicula and the liver
They셱e small freshwater clams that live in sandy soil where freshwater and seawater meet. They eat plankton or algae in sand or mud. Rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and essential amino acids, corbicula has always been known to be a must for those with weak liver functions, low calcium, growing children and pregnant women. It셲 a high-protein, low-fat food that셲 effective for liver diseases. It셲 a popular diet food as it contains quality protein, and only 2% saturated fatty acid that is linked to obesity or arteriosclerosis. It is also easy on the liver because of its high digestibility and absorptivity According to Dongui Bogam (Compendium of Materia Medica), corbicula is nontoxic so there are no side effects when taken with other foods. It clears the eyes, reduces fatigue, comforts the stomach, clears urine, controls blood sugar, is good for reducing fevers, and has invigorating effects.
180g (900 balls) / Take 10-15 balls anytime during the day.
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