Visiting Umeken Manufacturing Facilities

"Our unsurpassed superior quality was born with our tenacity for only the best."


The heart of Japan's pharmaceutical industry - Umeken's two manufacturing facilities are located in Toyama district of Japan.

Every day, before the production line begins to operate, the cleanliness of each production equipment is verified through a meticulous 2-hour verification process. The principle of cleanliness as the basis for quality is definitely met.

The factory worker must always change into new antibacterial protective clothing anytime he goes into a different production line. This is done to ensure that no foreign substance is introduced during the production.

Then, only after going through high-pressure air wash, can the worker enter into the production line.

Each room of the production line has a negative air pressure technology to prevent possible cross contamination. It's a state-of-the-art system that ensures the airflow is always consistent.

You can enjoy all Umeken supplements without any concern for quality as these are produced with such high standard of cleanliness and quality control.

Umeken News

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Hawaii VIP Event05/16 2018

Umeken USA CEO Brian Han hosted a special dinner for Umeken VIP members in Hawaii, in order to express great appreciation for their continuous love and support.

Promotion at LA Kim셲 Home Center05/12 2018

Umeken set up special promotional booths at Kim's Home Center, the largest home goods and appliance store in the Los Angeles Korean community.

National TV Interviews04/23 2018

Umeken Health Designers were interviewed by national TV channels TAN TV and ETTV to introduce certain Umeken products and relate some positive experiences.

New Product Training03/30 2018

On March 29-30, 2018, Kinji Sakamoto from Umeken Japan visited Umeken USA headquarters to educate Umeken store employees and call center Health Designers on the new products that are beneficial for diabetes.