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Mineral L-Calcium 130g

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High Quality Calcium with Quick Absorption
Mineral L-Calcium
How is Umeken Mineral L-Calcium Unique?
L-type Calcium is extracted from fermented natural beets and its absorption rate is faster than any other type of calcium carrier. 3800 times the absorption rate of Calcium Phosphate (bonepowder), 6800 times the absorption rate of Calcium Carbonate (shellpowder)
Vitamin D3 has been added to supplement bone health.
Dissolves in water very well, resulting in faster ionization and absorption by the body.
Minerals from Salt Lake, Utah have been extracted and concentrated 50 times to obtain 84 different essential minerals.
Umeken Mineral L-Calcium is a High-Quality
Calcium Product.
Fermented L-type Calcium
Mineral L-Calcium is extracted from fermented natural beets and its absorption level is faster than any other type of calcium supplement.
Essential minerals have been extracted from natural minerals in the Great Salt Lake in Utah. After removing 99% of its salinity, 84 different essential mineral concentrates were filtered and added to Mineral L-Calcium.
Enriched Magnesium
Magnesium extracted from the mineral source is water soluble and easily ionized for better absorption.
Vitamin D3 for Stronger Bones
Vitamin D3 is added to supplement your bone health.
You can add the Mineral L-Calcium to rice, soup, or even drinking water,
making it easy for the whole family to benefit from calcium. It is easily
absorbed without affecting the color or taste of food.
Always Know What Type of Calcium You are
Supplying to Your Body.
L-type calcium
Calcium lactate is the calcium salt of natural L-lactic acid, which is produced by fermentation. It is offered in the form of white and free-flowing powder and it is non-hygroscopic. It is highly soluble and bioavailable.
Calcium alginate
Calcium alginate is extracted from seaweed. It is water-insoluble because it has a strong bond between alginate and calcium.
Calcium carbonate
Calcium carbonate is extracted from oysters and clams. It is not absorbed well into the stomach and may actually burden it because it is strongly alkaline.
Calcium phosphate
Calcium phosphate is extracted from animal bone (e.g. cow, fish). It is a water-insoluble because it has a strong bond between phosphate and calcium.
Calcium caseinate
Calcium caseinate is extracted from milk or dairy products. It has rapid dispersion into water, so it also has a high absorption rate into the body.
Calcium Lactate
Source Substance Solubility(mg/100g water)
  L-type fermented calcium lactate   L(+)calcium lactate   9600.0
  Bonepowder   haidolokisi apatite   2.5
  Shellpowder   Calcium carbonate   1.4
  The second calcium phosphate   The second calcium phosphate   22.5
  The third calcium phosphate   The third calcium phosphate   2.5
  Calcium citrate   Calcium citrate   25.9
130g (1,300 balls) / Take 20 tablets daily
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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