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Nattokinase (plus Fucoidan) / 2 mth supply (60 packets)

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Nattokinase plus Fucoidan, Nattokinase Supplement


Nattokinase plus Fucoidan
Key Points
뿈 Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted and purified from a Japanese fermented soybean paste, natto.

뿈 Umeken셲 Nattokinase contains the recommended daily dosage of 2300FU (fibrin units) of natto and 87mg of fucoidan.

뿈 Nattokinase is known for its outstanding role promoting cardiovascular health.
The Dual Benefits of Natto and Fucoidan
With its state-of-the-art technology, Umeken has created a premium product using extracts of natto, Japanese fermented soybean paste. Nattokinase, Bacillus protein kinase extracted from natto, is known for its outstanding role in helping prevent cardio-vascular disorder by dissolving thick and sticky blood clots. Also, lipids called lecithins in nattokinase play a vital role in helping suppress bad cholesterol. It can also help alleviate pain with likely enhanced blood circulation. Symptoms of heart disease are especially common at night because blood circulation slows down during sleep. Therefore, it is best to take Umeken Nattokinase before sleeping at night
People who can benefit from Nattokinase
People who are worried about heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, strokes and other disorders
People with family medical history of cardio-vascular disorders
People who are seeking possible quick recovery from accidents, including automobile accidents, etc.
Nattokinase셲 effect on reducing blood clot
Blood sample containing saline solution   Blood sample containing Nattokinase   Capillary vessel of a patient who has hyperlipidemia (the presence of excess fat or lipids in the blood)   Capillary vessel after taking Nattokinase
96g (1.6g X 60)Take 1 packet a day
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