Pomegranate Zakuro Ball EX / 2 mth supply (360 balls)



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More Complete Pomegranate Zakuro Ball EX Pomegranate Zakuro Ball EX
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Umeken Pomegranate Ball EX contains pomegranate extract,
melon placenta, lipoic acid, ceramide, and cranberry
to form a superior health supplement for women.
Recapture beauty and youth with the more complete
Umeken Pomegranate Ball EX!
Just 6 tablets a day for a new you
더욱 더 완벽해진 석류엑기스 EX
Pomegranate Extract
Rich in plant estrogen, pomegranate is a perfect fruit for women. Production of estrogen naturally decline, especially in menopause, so supplementing the body with estrogen can be very helpful.
Melon Placenta
Melon placenta is a new special ingredient that has an estrogen-like activity and is an antioxidant, which helps with cell protection.
Ceramide helps the skin and hair to retain moisture. Moisture is key to skin beauty and anti-aging.
Lipoic Acid
Lipoic acid has an antioxidant effect and is known to be helpful in weight loss.
Cranberries are known to help with urinary tract disorders so it is a vital ingredient for women. Its benefits also include anti-inflammation and digestive health.
180g (360 balls) Approx. two month supply.
Take 6 balls anytime during the day
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