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Reishi Extract Balls / 2 mth supply (60 packets)

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Reishi Extract Balls

Umeken Reishi Extract Balls are made of Reishi mushroom extract and powder.

Key Points

Helps boost immune system and stimulate metabolism to work as a natural diuretic.
Recommended for those who feel tired easily, have digestive problems, and suffer from frequent coughing.

Reishi, long known as the symbol of eternal youth, now made into highly concentrated extract balls.

Reishi mushroom contains antioxidants that promote a feeling of overall wellness. It helps clean the blood, stimulates metabolism, has outstanding diuretic benefits, and helps protect the liver. It is also effective in regulating blood pressure and eliminating harmful elements and cholesterol in veins that cause many adult illnesses. Reishi also helps boost the immune system to fight the common cold and other infections, and strengthens its resistance against stress.

UMEKEN Reishi Mushroom Extract Balls

Composed of the highest-quality Japanese reishi, which is considered to be the best in its species, this extract lets you experience approximately 200 various types of natural health ingredients (e.g. beta glucan) that exists in reishi mushrooms.



72g (1.2g x 60 packets) About 2 months supply
Take 1 packet daily.

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My mother had pass away of cancer and reishi is known to prevent cancer. I usually take these daily in the morning for prevention. I do feel a little bit of energy boost after taking reishi. The best reishi also comes from Japan. I like taking reishi for my overall health and for prevention of cancer.
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