Shiny Hair Treatment 250ml

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Shiny Hair

Professional use hair coating treatment.

Professional use hair coating treatment that uses Amino Sealant coating method for COATING MOISTURE TO HAIR STRANDS!
Damaged hair from perms and colors will absorb moisture and not only will it regenerate hair, but it will also add volume to hair.
14 different natural ingredients will prevent stickiness and preservation of hydration up to 48 hours will make the hair shiny for all day long.


What is Total Hair care Line?

Total Hair care Line is a hair system, not a simple hair color product, that was developed with the slogan 쏦ealthy and Beautiful Hair Colors and was manufactured by Dong Sung pharmaceutical company, the top hair color manufacturer in Korea, and it now is sold at Umeken. This is the most suitable for healthy and beautiful skin care and hair care.



250ml / $35

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